CFA Level II Schweser Question Bank CD for Sale

I have the 2008 Level II Schweser Question Bank CD for sale. This CD contains 1000’s of questions on every topic and allows you to make practice tests. This tool is the best way to master the topics one is weak at understanding. I am selling at a significant discount from the retail price.

Are you no longer planning to sit for the LII exam this year or are you unsatisfied with this product? If the QBank isn’t meeting your expectations, can you please elaborate on why this is the case? Thank you.

I’ll take it. email -

is this still for sale?

I am interested, do u still have it for sale?

I am interested in purchasing the CD

I am very interested in purchasing the CD. Please send me an email at:, if it is not already sold.

I smell a scam…buyer beware!!!

me too … i want one if its still available… email me at for the details and price…is it schweser 2008?

Hello, do you still have it?

Shooty Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I smell a scam…buyer beware!!! I pretty sure it is one. This guy is selling all the materials (several times)…