CFA Level II Self Study Guidance Required

Hello everyone!

With the remaining time of almost 6 months, can you people please tell me whether or not it is wise to effectively prepare CFA Level II with self study “using CFA curriculum”? I have a good track record of self study as I did pass ACCA and Level I with self study. I am a full time student and can study up to 5 to 6 hours a day or 30-36 hours a week.

Expecting replies from CFA level III candidates and CFA Charter Holders.

Thank You.

What do you mean “you people”?

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5-6 hours a day available to study, how is this even a question?!

did I ask you question? I clearly stated level III and charter-holders

With all due respect, now you’re being a jerk.

Of course you can man, go for it, just do it. By the way, I am Level 1 Candidate, will you accept my reply, hey Mr. “I only acknowledge Level 3 and charter-holders candidate in my life”?

sure man just because your reply is relevant and you aren’t trying to be cool as others are trying to be.

I wasn’t “trying to be cool” I seriously recommend that website for studying. But IDGAFOS go do you.

This is the correct response, OP. Your question is a little silly. There are 178 days until the exam. Let’s assume you study for five hours a day for 75% of the remaining days. That’s over 667 hours of prep time. Now, will you pass L2 sticking to that schedule? I would wager almost certainly not. You’ll burn out sometime in March or April.

The amount of time people need to study to pass obviously varies person to person, but 250-300 is generally considered more than adequate. Build yourself a study schedule so you’re done with all topics 4-6 weeks prior to the exam and use that time to take mocks and work on topics you’re struggling with.

And, most importantly, lighten up. You have plenty of time. Take it easy and stick to your plan.

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I really appreciate the sentiment in Sweep the Leg’s response; it is light, supportive, and encouraging. I also find so many of the posts on this site to be generally discouraging and full of arrogant tones (which is why I suspect this thread went down hill so quickly)…

I truly think we could improve the site by being more collaborative and supportive.

I, too, tend to respond with frustration with, what I would describe as “stupid questions” or “lazy requests”, etc.

I will try to do a better job keeping things positive.

Perhaps a new rule might help and I might try to use it, namely, if you’re not answering a question in a constructive way, maybe you just choose not to respond to the post…easier said than done admittedly…but I will do my best.

We’re all in this together.

thank you. this is the kind of reply I was hoping.

can you tell me if studying from CFA curriculum is wise or shall I prepare from Schweser Notes keeping in mind the time left.

I am using the curriculum but I think a more efficient method would be schweser - since they’ve got a fairly long track record. I think there is still plenty of time to use the curriculum…and plenty of time to motivate!


Yea, that’s plenty of time. I’d do 15-20 hour weeks until March then ramp it up to 25-35 hours a week until d-day. Leave 4-6 weeks for mock exams.

How can you study 35 hours a week? Did you have a FT job?

There are 24 × 7 = 168 hours in a week.

If you work a typical full-time job in finance – roughly 80 hours per week – that leaves you with 88 hours per week to study. Frankly, studying for only 35 hours per week sounds like slacking.

Yea, but i only worked 45-50 hours a week. 4 hours M-F after work then 8 hours Sat and 8 hours Sun = 36 hours