CFA Level II, Uptown NYC (Upper West Side to Upper Manhattan)

Hello, Uptown guys and girls! Lets meet once a week for targeted discussion and practice. Let’s not sit in a library and stare at books separately. Come prepared and engage in focused and active discussion of specified topics and strategies.

Proposed meeting locations

Upper West Side, Morningside Heights (Columbia University), Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood.

Proposed session format

Frequency: once a week

Duration: 2 hours

Time of day: Evening

Day of choice: any day except Tuesday

Suggested activities (select one for each session):

  1. EOC Review: analyze and discuss end-of-chapter (EOC) questions for one specific Study Session.
  2. QBank Deep Dive: discuss results and solutions of one specific Study Session in the official CFA QBank.
  3. Freestyle Q&A: share your questions and insights on one specific Study Session.
  4. Practice Exam Autopsy: after completing a practice exam, share and discuss results and solutions with the group.

Message me if you’re interested!

~ does this group exist?