CFA Level III 2012 Topics VS 2011 Topics

Guys, I am trying to use 2011 Schweser materials for the 2012 level iii exam, has anyone found a link that does a side by side comparison of the 2011 vs 2012 level iii topics? Thanks.

finquiz website

Thanks iteracom! Following is a direct link if anyone else was wondering:

Honestly, the average candidate spends 300 hours studying. The Elan package that includes a whole bunch of cool stuff sells for $600. That’s $2/hr for your studying. There is probably nobody in the US or Western Europe who earns less than $40/hr taking CFA L 3 so your time has been priced at $40/hr or more. So you are going to risk $12000 worth of study time for want of spending another $600? That calculation doesn’t even include really obvious things like how much more money you can make when you get your charter. When I studied for these exams many moons ago, I used current Stalla and the previous year’s Schweser that I borrowed from my buddy. It was a good combination because on most topics I had two sources which provided me with different perspectives. You could be there with Elan and Schweser. Get out your credit card and call up Elan and buy their stuff. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Disclaimer: I have never even seen Elan study materials so I don’t know if they are good or not.

Thx for posting that link IOwnFinance!