CFA Level III 2016 Curriculum

I briefly checked the 2016 L3 Curriculum against this year’s and found only one major difference. Irfanullah has uploaded his very helpful curriculum change summaries for L1 and L2 already earlier today and I’m sure he’ll upload the one for L3 soon.

The only difference in terms of entire readings seems to be that the “Consultant” and “Pearl” readings in Ethics were removed and replaced by a new reading “Application of the Code and Standards: Ethics Cases”. Of course on the LoS level there will be some other, smaller changes.

Good news for retakers and those who have access to old study materials.

Actually the Irfanullah summary just went up and indicates no other curriculum changes than in Ethics.

Check it out at

it means horrible printing AGAIN!

This is great news for loosers like me who will likely have to retake LIII…