CFA level III Charlotte, NC study group

Trying to put a study group together in the Charlotte, NC area for the June 2014 level III exam, please let me know if you are interested.

Me and my buddy are studying for level III. We study at B & N in Arboretum or the south regional library. Let us know if you want to meet up and discuss.

I would have, but I just relocated to Chicago.

Im shocked that someone responded to the CLT thread before the Chicago thread I made got a response.


I would definitely like to meet up to get a regular study group going. Can you please let me know how best to contact you? Thanks!

Txt @ 6462065951.

Does this group still meet? I have been studying independently but I am interested in meeting up with a group to review together. Let me know, thanks.

Is anyone here still interested in studying for level 3 in Charlotte?

I’m in final phase to review/practise and looking for some group study to discuss AM session etc. let me know.

RHZ, I am now looking for someone to do the following: Take an entire weekend, find a quiet place, and hammer out 2-3 mocks. After each session, discuss with each other why we chose the answer we did. Elaborating the logic to someone else will deepen the level of knowledge. This is something Marc Lefebvre recommended at his bootcamp, and I’ve been wanting to find someone in Charlotte. You up for it? if so, drop me an emial. Thanks.


Hey Mike - we can try to do that. Although I would have liked to do it month back or so. Nevertheless lets catchup offline, see where both of us are in the process and take it from there. Feel free to email me at

I wish I were still consulting in Charlotte; I’d love to help here.

Anyone studying for Cfa II and want to study?