CFA Level III | Study/Motivational Partner/Group in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ?

Hey everybody,

I hope all of you are coming along on your studies as you are planning to! I know that this forum is mostly filled with Americans, but I would like to ask if someone here is from Germany and studying for the Level 3 exam? I would love to have a partner in crime to keep my motivation up and potentially have a study session here and then!

Would be great to hear from you! I wish you guys all the best and have an awesome day.



I am in Frankfurt. I would love to have someone to study with and to keep motivation at high level.
Where are you?


Hey @StraightStreet,

das freut mich sehr, ich wohne z.Zt. in Hannover. Bin aber ΓΆfters mal in Frankfurt (arbeite als Berater).

Du machst auch gerade den 3. Level?

Beste Grüße


My German is not so good :relaxed:
Yes, I am preparing for this June exam of CFA Level 3.
I have sent you my Whatsapp, please check your inbox. We could discuss better there.