CFA Level1 Candidate resources vs EOC

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I am in bit thoughful about whether to do the CFA L1 EOC or not, because I have covered the candidate resources question almost twice, and am i still 15-20 days away from my exam. Do i need to worry about the EOC or not.?


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EOC are great practice and you still have some time so why not go over them? This is a great time to test your knowledge as I feel that EOC are most representative of actual exam questions for level 1. This combined with mocks would be the best use of your time in the last few days before the exam.

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EOC are helpful indeed but for me at least, Level 1 was passed based on mocks I did over the final 2 weeks. Try to do at least 4 and focus on learning the questions you get wrong that weren’t accidental mistakes. In your shoes, if you haven’t done this yet, I’d bang out several mocks, flag the questions you struggled on, and then micro-focus on that the 3-4 days before the exam. This is a winning formula in my case but everyone has different views of course.

When I took Level 1, I studied all wrong in my opinion. I spent too much time reading materials and not enough time on mocks. The mocks were the most important thing for passing Level 1 in my case, so I changed my approach for Level 2 and did 7 mocks for that over the final 5 weeks. I should have done same for Level 1, it would have been a more effective use of my study time I think. Good luck, you got this!!! Cheers :+1:

Do your final revision. Also do some mock exams from various providers (Hope you have done the CFA Institute Mock Exams)

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have attempted three mocks in totality, what should be the ideal score in them?

Mine is around 80%, but i am bit skeptical because the mock question are of too basic nature, and I doubt that actual CFA exam will be of similar pattern and difficulty.

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If you’re getting 80% on multiple mocks you’re in a good spot. Level 1 is short question multiple choice so if you’re doing well on 3 mocks you’ve apparently got a good grasp on the definitions and key formulas that comprise that question format. If you haven’t taken the CFA website mocks from the Institute, perhaps add those to your list. Otherwise good luck! You seem to have it ready!

There is no better way to build confidence around your prep than taking the mocks. Quality mocks that is. EoCs are great tool but they are typically not time constrained.

In fact the whole CFAI program is about mocks. To each her own but majority of the successful candidates and Charterholders I talked to have voiced the same opinion. The secret is taking as many timed mocks as possible and plug those mistakes.

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