CFA Live Review Course- Is it worth it?

I am retaking the Level II Exam in June. I took Level I in Dec of 2011 and then attempted to pass Level II with just a few months of studying but failed. I am wondering if it is worth it to do one of the live review courses offered by the CFA. I received an email for the CFA Society of Philadelphia offering the course on Thursday nights from Jan to April for around $1000. I think from the description they will be utilizing Schewser review notes which I already have. Has anyone taken this course or one similar? If so please let me know if you think it is worth enrolling in it.

I took my L1 in Dec this year and though not as knowledgable in L2, would recommend classes. Personally, it kept me disciplined. The quality of instructor is also relevent but as long as you read the material and go, it is helpful.