CFA local chapter review

Hi All, I’m a repeater for L3 and thinking about registering for my local CFA chapter’s review course, but just want to know if anyone has done it and feedback before I spend over 1K. I don’t think I’m always so disciplined when it comes to studying, so having the curriculum could help, but then it’s quite a lot of money… Anyone who’s done it before? Thanks.

I have but it depends on the society and who professors are.

I’m wondering too - think I’m going to sign up for the one in LA. The CFALA review is nearly the same price as Schweser’s premium solution, and it includes 9 weeks of classes as well as Schweser notes. Seems like a no brainer, even if you decide classes aren’t for you.

Thanks guys. I’m in LA, too. Heard anything about the pass rate of those who took it?

I took the Level II review course in Seattle last year - the in-class discussion was hit-or-miss. It really depended on who was doing the lectures. However, I recevied the full Schweser study guides, quick sheet, lecture notes (a book of power point slides) and the Q-bank software. The whole thing only cost about $100 more than if I had bought all of that stuff directly from Schweser, so overall it was worth it. It also kept me on track with the readings, since I hate going to a lecture without having done the readings beforehand - that was the real value for me. I actually did ALL of the readings this year (and I passed - go figure).

Hi creperie, Not sure it is fully appropriate for me to comment as I did not take the local chapter’s review course. I am in L.A. as well, so you are probably refering to the one offered at USC right? I remember last year when studying for LIII I contemplated taking it to put all the chances on my side. Then I posted the same question as you did on AF and someone (also from L.A), responded to me that it wasn’t very useful. They don’t offer the review in the focus of just passing the test, they are offering it in a broader, more discussion oriented view. Which I am sure could be very interresting, but my take is focus on passing, then embrace the lenghty geeky discussions. Anyway, ended up not taking it and cleared thorugh LIII (thx god!). Good luck to you. Crablegs P.S. Like your handle btw. Creperie… very original!

Thanks Crablegs. I do like crepes! Glad to hear that you’ve passed, but now I’m in a conundrum. I’m concerned because I was hoping that it would be more focused on the exam as well. I think I understand their intention, but really don’t think I’ll have time to discuss and debate about the materials itself before the test. I wonder if this year it might be different.