CFA Logo

Can a person use CFA logo on his business cards?

i wish google has a search function


You can put this one besides your name if you are a charterholder.

Sorry, i don’t know how to make it smaller…

Interesting that you can do that but you can’t call youself a ‘Chartered Financial Analyst’.

but can we get it tattooed on our arms?

but can we get it tattooed on our arms?

^As long as you don’t flex. Doing so may be construed as trying to imply superior ability to those without the charter.

You actually can flex but you must have written permission from your employer and fully disclose the details of the tattoo to all clients. And you cannot pay for the tattoo with soft dollars.

Better yet, can you tattoo all the formula’s on your arms?

If you tattoo your right arm, you have to treat both arms fairly and tattoo your left arm too.

Theres another spiral logo. i was at some manager presentaiton 2 years ago, and some loser consultant relations guy was showing me his new CFA Logo pin he was wearing.