CFA low pass rate, some of my thinking

I had my first CFA exam. During the break I met and talked with some people and my general opinion is that many peoploe just do not take this exam seriously. I mean I spoke with people doing it for 2nd 3rd time flying over from Turkey or Midd East to italy for the exam. Well, many have payed it by its companies and neither them nor their companies obviously care about the results.

I myself will probably fail but only due to lack of time to prepare, but as I am financing it I am sure i will do it much better next time.

Cool Story. Well people enjoy wasting time.

People in L1 I can understand, but when you reach L3 I doubt people don’t take it seriously.

yes. this is why L1 pass rate is the lowest despite it being the easiest by far

^True. I think most college senior or fresh grads think, “Well, it can’t be much harder than studying for my Microeconomics final.”

Heck, I had already taken then CPA exam, and thought, “Well, it can’t possibly be any worse than the CPA exam.” How wrong I was.

^ Maybe that’s because you had an accounting background.

If you graduate with Finance degree and can’t pass lvl 1 CFA that means you simple didn’t learn anything in undergrad

^ Truer words have never been spoken.

Well, I ahve an engineering degree and have been studying for six months. I was hoping I could pass but now I am not so sure.

throughout my academic career i have observed that 50-60% of students are not serious about their exams( be it be any exams) so passing an exam isnt a big deal unless its a highly technical exam requiring a superior iq like actuarial exams or when u have a full time job that doesnt give u many hours to study

Not really. When I took the CPA exams, I had zero background–only college classes. And I took more finance than accounting.

The CFA exam is just harder than the CPA. I have never ever met anybody who has taken both who disagrees with me.

The CFA exams are simply no joke compared to almost any standard test. Has to be the scope. I know attorneys that are charterholders. They claim the bar is a breeze in comparison. Anybody know any charterholder MDs? Would be interesting to know what they think. Completely different type of aptitude, but I would think even they would considered it a beast, or possibly especially them…

^ I know a few actuaries who, although don’t claim the CFA exams are a breeze, believe nonetheless they are easier than the actuarial ones.