CFA LVL 1 Dec. - Seattle Study Group

Is anyone interested in forming a study group for level 1 here in or around Seattle? I live up north of Everett and work down at the University of Washington…so whatever works. Cheers! Steve

Heya, Did you find anyone? I live in Redmond, and am looking for a weekend study group/partner. I don’t have a car yet, so I’d really prefer somewhere close to Redmond Town Center - the Redmond library would be ideal, they have study rooms too. If not, have you tried contacting the Seattle CFA chapter abt joining a study group? They told me that there is one at Bellevue library and another at Seattle library on Tuesday nights. I travel during the week, so weekday nights are out for me. Let me know and good luck with the studying!

Hi Jenn - Yes…I have touched base with the folks in those study groups and I am planning on meeting up with the one in Ballard next Tues eve. On Saturdays, I am taking a little review class for CFA down at SeattleU…just a real brief, general overview of the different topics… The instructor this last Sat for Econ had (what must have been) a real simple job to do …just teach us all about Economics in a matter of 2 hrs…lol. For me, I believe it will actually help though. I do not work in the industry…I’ve been a p/t index (option) trader for a few years and love the industry in general, so am looking at moving into the finance arena…but boy, lots of info, and most of this stuff is new material for me. Its a fun challenge, eh? Anyway, after that class I just go over to a UW library and study for a few hours…Redmond library isn’t a long trip, its just over the bridge and a few…maybe you/(others) want to hook up Sat afternoon… Feel free to shoot me an email… Steve