CFA Lvl I demographics

21, new york, white. 1 pencil with a bad eraser…was cursing at myself when I needed to erase.

27, dubai, indian. 4 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener. I used a single pencil for each session with NO sharpening :slight_smile: (blunt end is great for shading)

24 Australia (male)… 75-25 Male to Female ratio… Just to buck the trend and bring the average down, my vietnamese friend showed up with no pencils… (or pens… or anything except a calc which he bought the day before…) Someone else lent him one, since i only had 2… but luckily i found a pencil sharpener for him… also had to break my eraser in half…

did it in London 50% asian for level 1, 35% female

Russia, Moscow. about 10% females (though just a few really good ones) almost no asians :slight_smile: average person had only 1 pencil!

Frankfurt / Germany 5% female and only 0.2% Asians!

am the oldest am 36 turing 37 in august, from Malawi, Africa, of couse female

Paris test center 23, black, i believe 4 pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. i did see some asians, arabics, whites and even more two or three black people in there… i guess we had a whole bunch of different people lol but somewhere in the early 30’s for the most.

salut neoboos i was just wondering how many people sat the exam in paris ? also how regarded is CFA in france ? what is ur background (esc ou fac ?) and what role r u occupying ? thanks

bonjour mon cher mousquetaire, I believe the website said around 1200 people were sitting for the june exam (all three levels). It is really getting big in France too. HEC is sending i believe around 10 to 20 candidates a year, and ESC Reims had over 30 students sitting for level one only! I graduated from university of Paris, Dauphine and am hopping to get into Essec grad school next fall. Currently i have a M&A analyst position. You might think that the CFA is not really destined for my line of work but i find it fairly challenging and complete to help me improve in my work. As of the CFA in france, i have to say it is mixed up, i did meet recruiter who where impressed by the fact that i was pursuing the designation and others who didn’t know what it was… In general, they do respond on it, especially for specialised risk analysis jobs. And as Essec, HEC, Edhec, Esc Reims have the partnership with the CFA institute, it is just a matter of time for the CFA to be truly recognised even in France. Dauphine, i believe is also seeking the partnership for one of its graduate program. how about you? how did you get to know the CFA program? and what is your background?

Limbika, 30 Malawian in Bermuda

I like how for a second there, the thread was about how many pencils people brought. lol Obviously LA and Toronto and Van is going to be mostly Asians!!! It’s not that more Asian people are doing the CFA in those cities, it’s that the population in the cities are mostly Asian.

Kawawa, 32, black male in Malawi, Southern Africa. Lots of guys late 20’s and early 30’s here.

24, Male, India, Work in M&A