CFA Lvl I demographics

I am just curious as to how old everyone is when they attempt to take the CFA lvl 1 exam? I took it in a mid-size US city, the demographics (from observation) were: Vast majority: Caucasian males (most likely middle age, as in early 30’s + Runner-up: Asian males and females (very surprising to see just as many Asian females and Asian males) The reason I ask this is, I am currently 22 (turning 23 soon) and I was surprised to NOT see as many people my age as I had previously expected.

I’m 21 I saw a lot more people around my age than expected in Toronto

i took it in LA and most people looked like they were in their 20’s. also i would say like 1/2 the whole cfa population was asian (including me =))

boston: mostly 20’s, 95% guys, lots of asians.

I think young people are just more energetic to get their careers jump started in the big cities haha!

I wanna know when middle age became early 30s?

topher Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i took it in LA and most people looked like they > were in their 20’s. also i would say like 1/2 the > whole cfa population was asian (including me =)) Yeah, there was a lot of recent grads at the LA center. It was like half white and half asian with me being the only Hispanic guy. :slight_smile:

good to see recent grads taking charge. good to see Asians trying to penetrate into the financial services industry as opposed to just going to med school or doing physics and math

ARAB here from kuwait

Did anyone else think Asians had way more pencils than the average candidate?

Yes, an Asian girl in front of me had at least 10 pencils bundled up in a tight wad, don’t think she ever took one from the bundle.

HAHA I brought like 15 pencils in a bundle, i ended up using my mechanical pencil throughout the entire test.

From Uruguay - white Living in São Paulo - Brazil Late 20´s Mostly guys taking the exam with me. (age: 25-30 range)

Asian countries, esp china and india is catching up. Not to mention that they have got one of the best brains, with doubling no of billionaires making entries into Forbes, really ambitious new breeds…

Vancouver Canada - 90% Asian, a few girls but not a lot of eye-catching talent… except the girl in front of me was fine!

21… wouldn’t call meself “Asian” though … I reckon it only applies to the folks from the far east these days

23 - Aussie guy - mixed over here.

23 and a kiwi. Taking the test in december so I don’t know what the other candidates are like here…

oliver… How’s the job market in NZ? You guys hurting as much as us in the U.S./U.K? I’ve been thinking of a move to Auckland… I was there once on deployment with the Navy… absolutely beautiful country.

22, chicago US, Asian. I had about 10 pencils. Tons of Asian people work in Quant, since many of them probably have some kind of math/physics background.