CFA Lvl1 Order of Topics

After finishing Subject 1 (Ethics) i realized that it probably would have been a better idea to leave Ethics for last, as i would have a better understanding of the application of the of Code & Standards with regards to Portfolio Management, Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance, Equity Analysis and some of the other topics in the curriculum.

Does anyone have a reccomended study order that does not follow the numerical order of CFA1 curriculum? Or is it just best to study topics 1-18 in order?


I have the same question, any idea guys?

Yes. Do everything in order…except for ethics, which you should leave for last.

The order honestly doesn’t matter for the most part. It’s probably best to study Quantitative Methods before Fixed Income and Portfolio Management, but other than that, do what you like.

I do agree that no matter when you study Ethics, you should review it at least during the last week; I’d review it at least 2 or 3 times during the course of my studies.

Thanks for the help. I definitely plan on going through Ethics at least once more after studying all other chapters. But i guess i will just follow the standard order of topics for everything else. Seems to be working fine for me rite now.