CFA material

Hi, I am from the UAE and registered for the CFA Level III exam on Friday (28/09). Can anyone tell me how long would it take for the institute to send the material to the UAE? Can someone fro this part of world share their experience… Thanks in advance Cheers Vivek

It takes about a week… Cheers

I ordered to Oman, It took only 4 days. This time it was slow, first two levels it took only 3 days. I guess I am lucky.

vivrang, Hiya is right, when I ordered LIII material, it took about 3-4 days. I’m in Dubai, if any of the responders to the thread want to meet up.

I would love to if I were in Dubai. However, for next June, we should have an AF get together in Abudhabi.

Yeah for sure Hiya, After writing L2 last June, I went straight away to the bar inside the Rotana and started pounding them back with my buds!

Last time, we drove to Dubai as fast we can… to do the same thing. But I was already tipsy before I started.

Thanks Guys for your response! I guess I should expect the books anytime now! We should surely meet up sometime! I come to Dubai often during the weekends. The Beach Rotana Hotel is cool! You should try the Traders Vic the next time you are here. My place is just a stones throw (literally!) from the hotel. Cheers Vivek