CFA Materials Level 1


i need to ask about CFA materials

are there any CFA Materials for free ??

and how can i get CFA Curriculum without pay exam Fees , i want to show this curriculum befor regestration in the CFA program then after studying i will do the exam??

Of course you have to pay for the books!

But i know what you mean, if you want to see the curriculum first, there are many sites where they explain the CFA curriculum in details (CFAI website or investopedia - it actually summarizes topic by topic).

Try to google it first and then decide.


thank you NANA

But I want you to tell me some tips before the start of the study Is the first level is easy passing or not?? Specifically I’m from Egypt, a non-English speaking, and I was studying business administration, but in Arabic Will it be easy to pass this exam? As I want to know you you’d better study of Schweser Notes Or do I study of CFA Curriculum ?? Thank you again :slight_smile:

DO NOT start the CFA program because Level 1 is relatively easy to pass, because Level 2 & 3 are definitely NOT EASY AT ALL.

I think Schweser notes really helped me study for the exams, HOWEVER, i want to advise you that the notes are still VERY LONG and you would not be able to get through the materials in a couple of weeks. And you may still need to study the curriculum, for more examples and practice questions.

It is a very challenging program and i would embark with caution.

but i will made exam in june 2014 _ did you thought that i will made exam in dec 2013 ?? i think i have alot of months to prepare CFA level 1 or what ?

I’m going to take the december exam and just starting now. I don’t think it’s that daunting lot of the stuff are college econ and stat/econometrics so to speak. just gotta do alot of practice questions…anyone here in Canada?

Hey NANA, what was your overall thought about your level one exam? was it challenging at all? How much time did you spend preparing for it? Thanks

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I think you have sufficient time to study even for December 2013 :slight_smile: For Level 1, i think it takes 3 months of studying on average?

I studied Level 1 for about 3 months but i studied really hard (everyday) because i was terrified. >_< then i realized it was easier than i thought at the exam (i was VERY NERVOUS before i took the exam) and i actually left the exam early for both AM and PM. But i think it depends on your expectation, i think you need to still study really hard to pass, but there were no surprises, most questions on the exams are very straight forward and the difficulty level was fair. :slight_smile:

ok thank you NaNa for your advice :slight_smile: but i want from you a comment in this Topic if you have a solution and thank you again