CFA Materials or Stalla/Schweser??

Hi all, I’ve read through numerous posts regarding study guides/materials and have one question: Do you use or advise using both the study materials from the CFA Institute AND a program study course (such as Elan, Stalla or Schweser), or do you use only one? (I’m studying for Level I June). Thanks!

Used Elan and CFA books. CFA summaries and EOC questions are very important. Used CFA only for Ethics.

Schweser, no contest

Where do you suggest I get the CFA materials and the Schweser/Elan ones?

Schweser is the best. But I suggest reading the CFA books at least once. You get a strong base, and then you go on to retention with Schweser.

Thanks! I tried ordering the Schweser books just now but the site says that “The CFA curriculum for the 2011 CFA Exam will be released in July” Is this normal, to use last years curriculum for the June 2011 Level 1 exam? Does Schweser update their materials later on?

Stalla all day long. Their video lectures are great, passmaster is good, and their books make sure to cover everything. December 2010 Level I pass.