CFA + MBA-Finance


Need a bit of advice. will appreciate honest opinion.

I have an interest in Finance sector. I am moving to (Canada) by Feb/Mar.2016. I can settle in Alberta or Ontario.

My whole experience was in Accounting (Reputed Design & Construction Company & Hyundai Motor Co. in the Middle East). I have savings that can let me study without work for 2 years in Canada.

I started studying toward CFA, & I’ll set for CFA L1 in Dec.2015.

I have 2 Plans:

Plan A): After passing CFA L1, I’ll resign from my work and focus on CFA L2 June2016 EXAM.

I am wondering if CFA L1 will help me in getting new opportunity there.

Plan B): aside with CFA, I want to Study MBA-Finance, I am wondering if this could help me to break into the finance Sector

Can you guys help me with some enquires ?

1.Being 30 year old with CFA L1 and 7 years experience in accounting, will that be an issue for finding finance job ?

2.What are job prospects for finance in areas Toronto, Calgary or Edmonton?

3.I don’t care about the salary at the beginning, I’m curious about the right start.

Any help will be appreciated ?

I have a cfa friend working in canada, there is an over offer of cfa’s there,I doubt it helping you getting entry level position (level 3 passed) if you are in late twenties early thirties.

As for the MBA, if it is not top league, save your money.

At this age it is more interesting to build on your experience or start your own business.It is sad to say but there are tons of graduate with cfa under there belt competing for the same job and willing to make more sacrifices than you.

my half cent

Thank you magana1,

I know that Toronto is full of CFA Charterholders, but I’m considering Alberta as well & i’m thinking of Alberta MBA-Finance.

Any other opinios would br highly appreciated.

For Edmonton, there are not that many finance jobs. Some private banking/wealth management jobs, lots of commercial banking jobs. Very, very limited corporate finance or investment banking type jobs.

Don’t rely on a CFA charter, much less a L1 pass, to get you a job. It might give you a slight advantage in getting an interview, but its main practical uses are: 1) show that you know the first thing about finance 2) that you can manage your time – studying while working