Hi People!

I was wondering if it is possible to do the CFA and MBA together.

Do you think I can cope?

Or should i do MBA after my CFA?

I am a Accounting Professional and Recent Graduate. Do you think its too early to do my MBA tgt with CFA?

Or should i just focus on CFA alone?

60% of those with CFAs also have an MBA I believe. Do both, imo. It’s a long career. No point in selling yourself short. I believe the CFA is too finance heavy and does not teach enough about the big picture of business, how to manage, and teamwork. They each have their own important and valuable role

MBA gives you networking and recruiting opportunities.

MBA gives you networking and recruiting opportunities.



FT MBA or rusty hacksaw


^ Insightful.

If you are trying to transition into a new career, then I can understand getting into a FT MBA but what about if you want to further your current role?

I think they will the very hard to do them at the same time, especially if you also work. But I would recommend to bo both in the end, but one after the other, they are complementary. I first did MBA, then CFA, myself.