CFA Membership and L3 Application

Hello everybody! I would like to apply for CFA L3, but I am not sure if to apply for CFAI membership yet. Is it possible not to apply for CFA membership yet while registering for L3? The reason why I would like to postpone the application for CFAI membership is that even if I pass L3 in June 2010, I will only have 42 months of relevant (hopefully recognized) work experience by August 2010. Therefore, I will not be in a hurry to get the CFA charter immediately after passing L3. Do you see any reason for applying to be an affiliate member now? Is there anyone else in a similar position? Thanks. P.S: Does the supervisor need to be a CFA member?

You can pass all 3 level and still not apply for membership. (becoming a charterholder).

Supervisor does not need to be a charterholder. I’d say that if your job picks up the tab, do it now. If not, wait.