cfa membership application questioned

so i rec’d an email asking for further information about my employment history (apparently my 3.5yrs as a financial advisor and 5+ yrs as an investment consultant with the largest discount brokerage firm aren’t qualifying as “applicable” to the CFA criteria?) i had a reply with a detailed explanation of my job duties etc.

anyone else had issues like this? two of my colleagues are current Charterholders, so I’m not sure how i am being questioned, or what to make of it.

24hrs before getting my results, this isnt the added stress we need… and how am i to feel if i pass when my “status” as a Charterholder/CFA member is still in question?!?

You probably did not follow the instruction they listed on the their website.

the confidence is just mindblowing

what confidence?

That’s not cool bud… but I wouldn’t worry about it. The email most likely came from an operations person in the CFA’s CM function… I doubt the sender would know anything about your results.

I agree… CFA should show some level of care and should have have waited until 12or 13th

btw… how many decision days do you have remaining?

Yikes if that’s the kind of scrutiny you’re getting I probably don’t qualify.

Chizi - yes most likely it was an operations person w/out knowledge of my results. I agree, how can they send this email 24hrs from exam results? if i failed, they have me worrying over nothing…if i passed, my elation will be muted by me possibly not even capable of using the CFA designation. ugggghhhh.

on the website/application, it is blank under “decision days remaining”

Galli, did you submit your application for membership yet?

Starting over the weekend. I need to reach out to a couple of charterholders at my company that will give me a reference.

Are you talking about being a regular member because I have been for sometime now and I didn’t need a charterholder for reference or is there another membership application route? Just curious.

If you have a reference from charterholder in the local society you are joining, you only need 2 references instead of 3.

Yeah, I think I gave 3. Thanks for the clarification