CFA membership application - withdrew a reference request

Hi all, i have submitted a membership application with previously three references requests- one CFA society-member and two non-CFA members. Two of my references have submitted their answers while the third one never responded (i have followed up once but no go).
Since one of them is a CFA-member, I withdrew the third pending reference. However, the status of my application is still “await references” (it has been a couple of days since I withdrew the reference).

Anyone had a similar exercise? Did i do anything wrong?

So the person who did not respond is the one who is not a CFA charterholder? In which case, you only need two references. Why did you initially add three references when you only needed two because one is a Charterholder. Are you sure you ticked the box where it says that reference is a charterholder?

I think it is just a glitch because you initially added three references and this whole thing is automated until all references are received, only then someone looks at your application. I say email CFAI and tell them.