CFA Membership


I was recently approved regular membership, and I will be taking CFA Level III exam in June 2017.

I did not pay the fee yet, and would it be ok if I wait and pay fee in around May 2017?

Thank you

I think you meant you’ll be taking the level 1 exam in June 2017. You’d save a bit of money by registering early. You pay the membership fee when you register for the exam.

He’s talking about Regular Membership:, not registering for the program/exams. He probably just hasn’t updated his AF status to reflect candidacy.

I believe you can let your membership approval sit out there until you wish to pay for it, but I don’t know how long it lasts. It’s not like your references or work experience is going to change so it would make sense that you should be fine waiting until May, but I’ll defer to someone else who might have actual experience with this (or you can contact CFAI directly).

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