CFA Mock 2011 PM

Wow !

Just did the 2011 PM mocks. I timed myself.

Got 57% … found it really difficult.

My brain is dead … gonna do a bike ride now and I’ll look at answers later.

Anyone found the PM part difficult ???

yep, all dificult, i’ve been getting between 62 and 73 for the PM mocks… Need to work harder!

Which one was the 2011? Is that Kim Tang? I got 62%…the worst score so far…

Mee to scored around 60-65% in CFA PM mocks b/w 2009-2012

Will do 2013 mock next sunday

where are you guys getting the old MC mocks?

I just did this one, got burned pretty badly, got a 40/60, but also guessed 1-2 correctly.

This seemed much trickier than the others I have done so far. Anyone else feel the same?

Anyone do the 2011 am? I found it pretty challenging

Will do it tomorrow as my final prep. However, I already know some of the case studies from the mocks of 2013-2015, so I guess my results will be a bit distorted. But seems to contain a few other cases as well.