CFA MOCK 2012 Q28

Can someone please explain how we can use our calculators to solve for this? I tried to use the BAII to get the sample variance of both sets but everytime I change the setting to 1-V but everytime i do this i get “ERROR 4”…I know most of you have already tried this and I’d greatly appreciate any ideas on how quickly to solve this in under 2min

Both samples are drawn from normally distributed population and the pop. variance is not known

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Put the mode as Lin then scroll down to get Sx and Sy

and what do you with those sample std values? how do you get to 36.8 for the data’s sample variance?

That one was tough, after looking at the answer, it seems like you have to calculate the differences between the pairs manually, then you can put the differences into the stat worksheet to get the mean difference and standard error of the means. Then you still have to know how to use those in the paired t test to get the answer.

I definitly did not know how to do it.

I skipped this formulas too much to remember

Yeah this was a joke, the LOS doesn’t mention anything about calculating a t stat like this:

_ identify the appropriate test statistic and interpret the results for a hypothesis test concerning the equality of the population means of two at least approximately normally distributed populations, based on independent random samples with 1) equal or 2) unequal assumed variances;_

_ identify _ - to recognize and name correctly (identify the functions of a central bank)


^This…you’re not going to need to calculate it - I remember this question from when I took the mock in April. Consulted with Andrew Spieler of the Schweser staff and he confirmed that you won’t need to calculate it. Should you be asked to on the exam (given that the LOS says “identify” and not “calculate”), I can only assume it will be removed from the scoring.