CFA Mock 2012 - Time factor

Hi guys,

Usually I’m pretty slow in exams however all of the schweser + CFA mock 09, 11 that I completed I finished them all on time. With the 2012 AM mock I took around 3hrs 20 minutes

For you who timed yourselves doing the 2012 mock did you go over in the AM?

The mock just had so many calculations and long item sets I found it hard to keep to time.

Thanks in advance

I’m usually quick, and with the 2012 am, it took me longer than 3 hours. The PM i rushed and it took me around 2 hours - all though i did mess up on some straight forward stuff (so lets say 30 mins of extra caution)…

I hate when you have to do all those Derivative calculations - Swaps, FRA’s and then x days later same thing!

Expect either AM or Pm to be different in terms of time pressure. One is almost always noticeably more diffficult than the other and you will most likely feel more time constrained on the one that is more difficult.

I have a theory that they do this intentionally to increase variance and separate the goats from the sheep. A prepared candidate will be fine on the harder section whereas the unprepared candidate will be punished.