CFA Mock and Qbank Done- Now What?

Hi everyone,

I need advice on what to do next to improve my chances on getting a higher score! So far I have done the following:

Fully completed Qbank score: 70% (results are from not counting question that were guessed right by luck)

CFAI EOC questions are half completed (the questions I finished already were on the topics that I am scoring the lowest in)

CFA Mock Exam score: A.M. 67% P.M. 70%

Should I take the Schweser practice exams (I know I can complete two full ones in a day if I have to)? or should I finish all the rest of the CFAI questions and/or take the schweser mock exam?

I feel like I am almost there, but I need to get higher quality practice questions now.

According to people who passed Level 1, you should do 4 or 5 full mock exams (AM and PM) to increase your chances of getting a higher score on the exam.

So, in my opinion you should do 3 full schweser exams this week.

Me personally i’m trying to avoid Scheweser Mocks. because i feel like their exam format is really different from the CFAI. so i just been sticking to CFAI mock and trying know the exam format and how the questions are structured and stuff

So far I’ve done 6 Schweser exams, and around 2-3 from other providers.

Now I’m sticking to mock questions from CFAI. They are in a very different format (and slightly easier). Overall, I’ve probably done about 13 mocks. Scoring well in CFAI but they have a lot of repetition across exams.

I did 3 CFA mocks and 1 Schweser. I agree with you, both are different but that one with schweser help me to refresh/understand other parts less relevant on the CFA mocks.

Also the explanatory videos are very helpful (It´s a shame I only paid 1 exam)

In terms of scores, CFA mocks 65-70%

And Schweser 61%.

I feel that I am walking in the line of passing or not! There is no margin to improve!

I would spend the next 3 days working hard, looking for more practice Qs.

I’m averaging mid 70s in Schweser and low 80s in CFAI still not entirely confident

I will finish CFAI-EOC questions(hate that I haven’t already) and then take 1-2 old mock exams and jump back into the CFAI mock exam and search for more practice questions, despite the fact that they duplicate often. I wish you can select to genereate unused questions only or if there was something else available.

Thanks everyone, keep the ideas and comments going i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one in this predicament.