CFA Mock Exam for Dec. 2010

Hey guys, I just spend the last 2 days going over the 2010 lvl 1 mock exam thats given on the CFA site (one day doing the morning section then going over the answers then retaking it and the next day doing the same for the afternoon session) and feel super discouraged after finishing it. I’ve been studying for 3 months now non-stop and have been taking the Schweser Q-bank tests almost everyday along with finishing the Schweser books so I thought I would be well prepared - not to mention I normally score between 65%-75% when taking the Q-bank tests. Did anyone else find the CFA mock exam to be way more challenging then what they’ve been studying? I failed the mock exam pretty bad and don’t know what to study now…Pretty bummed out =\ Suggestions/comments/opinions? How did you guys do on it??

Here’s what I would do: 1) Buy the 11th Hour book from Elan Guides. 2) Stop taking standard Q bank tests. Instead, go to “brouse questions” in the q-bank and review EVERY question for each LOS. Read the explanation for each question carefully. 3) After brousing ALL of the questions for in a study session, read the 11th Hour for that section. 4) Complete ALL of the end of chapter quesions in the CFA books. 5) Repeat 2-4 until you master each and every study session and you will pass!!! Good Look

^ What he said

haha all that in a few weeks? After 3 months of studying I JUST found out about the “browse questions” section of the Q-Bank! I’m pretty upset about that b/c I was constantly looking for more similar problems for sections I wasn’t very good at. I’m working on doing all the EOC questions in the CFA FRA book right now, hopefully i’ll be done by the weekend and will move onto econ then ethics and hopefully will have enough time to take some more practice exams. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!