CFA Mock exam - How'd ya do?

Just curious how everyone did on the CFA issued mock exam. I’ve been using the elan mocks and it seems that those were actually a bit harder. Scored about 65-70% on the the first two Elan mocks. Took the CFA mock today and got a 78% overall. I’m hoping that this test is similar to the real one!

It seems that the ethics questions were definitely a bit trickier.

That is pretty good, i scored 70% overall and thought i was not gonna fall below 75% … I m constantly scoring 80%s in Qbank with more than 3000 questions so i dont really know where do i stand… anyway, good luck!

82% overal. <70% in ethics and derivs. @Rofh IMO don’t rely heavily on QBank, as questions there are way more easier than any mock in the market.

Just taken the CFAI morning section mock and scored 69% so need to spend the last few days gaining those last few percentage points…

I did 68% on both sections last week, and have been trying to fill in the gaps since then (or as many as possible at least), while still going back to the stronger areas I had. Working full-time with just 2 days off before the exam isn’t really very motivating, but it keeps my mind working during the evenings as well. Good luck to you all! And to all the guys taking the exam in Frankfurt - see you there!

I think you’ll be surprised how many of the silly mistakes or obvious gaps in your knowledge can be fixed with targeted revision - you should be in good shape come Saturday. Good luck!