CFA Mock exam PM scores

Just finished the mock afternoon exam and got a 78. I thought it was way harder than the AM session, nearly ran out of time, and wasn’t expecting much. I’m feeling so pumped after the scores of 80 and 78 on the two halves. If only this had been the real thing…

those are some nice scores ng30! Your locked for 6/7 :slight_smile: How did the mock compare to the CFAI sample exams?

ng those are pretty legit scores, nice job man! T/G

Thanks a lot guys, nowhere near a lock but I’ll take it for now. I’m not sure about the sample exams because the only one I’ve taken so far is the free one. I got a 63 on that a few weeks back. I’m going to take those the next few days to see how they go. I feel like these are more straightforward than Schweser, though.

right where you want to be one week out, ng. good work buddy. i’ll take mock 2 probably on tuesday… i’m not sure how to review after these things. i like the questions, but would love to figure out a way to actually use them as a learning tool. no, i didn’t screenprint.

yeah, in the absence of screen printing the answer sheet is unfortunately pretty useless. that’s ridiculous, too. on a related note, i hope the institute doesn’t have a way of tracking screen printing…not that i’m worried of course, but this guy i know…

Some people on the other site were talking about taking pictures of their screen with their digital camera. Shame on them. That’s against CFAI rules too.

For the amount they charge for them, you should get answers and explanations to you.