CFA Mock Exam Topic Coverage

I just gave the first mock exam and did not do well. I have been studying only schweser study notes but figured a lot of questions specially in Corporate Finance, Equity Investments and Portfolio Management were from subject areas not extensively covered in schweser though they are covered nicely in CFA notes. Did anyone else had similar problem? Given the time consideration, any suggestions on what topics should I read from CFA notes. Thanks

I think you definitely cannot simply depend on schweser. Do yourself a favor and flip through the CFA text to see all of the areas that schweser might have missed.

im not 100% sure, but i believe a handful of ple go strictly schweser and still pass. anyone?

i have been told by multiple people that studying the cfai books = wasting timeā€¦far too dense

of course i mean if you have a time constraint (like everyone now, i assume)