CFA Mock Exam - Wake up call!!!!

I just took the CFA mock exam and scored a 62% when i had been scoring a 66/68% on the CFA sample exams. I found the mock to be extremely difficult, more so, than the sample exams. Does anyone know if the real exam is in line with the CFA mock exams in terms of level of difficulty? I’m starting to getting concerned about my score with less the two weeks to go …

Ya mock exam kicked my ass… I heard somewhere that the mock is harder than the real thing. I have no idea how true that is, but hopefully it is!!! Im doing well on schweser. The sample exams I got 63 then 68… then 60… last one I blame on my stupid ass gf who decided to fight w/ me during my exam… and I was stupid to try and plow through it during that haha anyway, just keep going man, pass or fail give it ur all! thats the only good option you really have!

in 2007, we did not have any mock exams, which were introduced only in the 2008 exam. I think they should be close to the real deal. Right now, it would help not to lose your confidence based on the scores you have obtained in the mock, but what matters is analyzing your mistakes and getting to know how to get to the right answer. that will stand you well on D-Day.

thanks cp. your insightful advice is always welcomed. do you receive an answer summary for the mock exams like you do for the samples?

I do not know, since I am a 2007 Dec L1 candidate. (completed).

CFAblackbelt - I encourage you to send your gf back to the recycling bin.

A June candidate who passed told me the best thing for anyone to do is take both mocks as they were the closest thing to the real thing. He also said the Stalla mocks were harder than the real thing.

It would pay to take the questions on all sample/mock exams seriously because there’s a high probability the exact topic will show up in the real exam. This has occurred for me both times I took the LII and LIII mocks. Something very difficult and obscure popped up in ethics, and voila, the same situation appeared during test day.

I found the CFA mock I to be harder than the Stalla Mocks!