CFA Mock Exam: What was your score?

I am referring to the 60 question item set exam on the CFA website. I missed 16…for 73%. Just curious if others have taken it and what your scores were.

There are a BILLION threads on this.

I got 61 out of 60, got the bonus question too… Just doing it case by case, not as a whole…and so far out of 18 answered got 3 wrong…

I had some issues with question #51 and yield beta. Somebody should start a thread on that.

haha, yes people need to learn to use the search function!!

@Garet1223, don’t worry about them. Barely anyone took the mock exam, so I doubt you will get many responses.

Wow, you guys really get off on being rude.

Sorry, Garet. Just having some fun. I think we’re at the end of our rope and have all seen one too many threads that could have been easily avoided by a simple search. Good luck on Saturday.

Hey Garet, nothing personal. It’s 3 days to D-day so we can be a little on edge as you might imagine. Here you go:,984806,page=1

Thanks guys! I understand. I am totally out of my mind right now and would probably have done the same if I had been in the forum longer. Good luck to you on Saturday!