CFA Mock Exams - cant find them

Hi all,

I’m having problem finding Mock Exams for my CFA L2 exam. Is this just me, or there are no provided mock exams?

If it’s just me, where should i look? :laughing:


Go into your learning ecosystem and type “level ii mock exam” into the search bar, that should get you there.

Thank you for the advice. I tried but cant find anything.

I was expecting to get 3 mocks exams (A,B,C) each with AM and PM sessions.

Just search for “mock exams” then👍

If that doesn’t help, call the Institute and they will walk you through it.

Cheers - good luck - you got this!

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Was also curious about this, asked customer support and they mentioned your mock exam will appear in your Learning Ecosystem dashboard roughly 2 months before your exam date.