CFA MOCK EXAMS: Issues resolved?

So people reported that they ordered 2 exams but only had access to one. Was this resolved? Want to know before I order.

Well I bought them this evening, paid for both, took one and can see that the 2nd mock exam with a “no charge” sign next to it…i guess the issue has been resolved, or that the web traffic was less than over the weekend…

What’s your view delta. Harder / easier than schweser, or just different?

well…i never took schweser…so cannot compare with that…totally conceptual… also, i kinda panicked and made some TERRIBLE mistakes…but inspite of that i got a 69%…weakest area is FSA, but i knew that going in, i still need to work on my taxes, deferred assets etc., but i just wanted to get a “feel” for the exam and if I was focusing on the wrong areas… also did not find time to be an issue…finished the exam (inspite of doing simple calculations 2-3 times, and double guessing myself on the easy ones (i mean they can’t be THAT easy!, but turns out they were…so just go for it! i guess they want everyone to get atleast 35% or so)…i actually had time to jot down some areas i needed to work on! but review the LOS they tested on after the exam…they are very helpful… i know! all you wanted to know was if it was harder/easier than schweser!!! but this was also self-reflection…DON’T PANIC! your calculations are correct! and yes some of the q’s ARE easy!

there is already a post on this issue. heres what i did: go throw the motions on the test site like your gonna buy it again. and when you click on the dropdown list top right hand corner of the page to buy the two test, just scroll down and it will appear on the bottom of the page after it reloads. i had the same problem till i figured it out. one thing some may want to note on the 2008 Level 1 mock exam is that on question 20, the feedback pdf with the answers uses the wrong figures to figure out the answer. (the answer uses a time span of 25 years instead of 15 years… 83-68=15) these are supposed to be questions from the actual exams used in the past, so if things like this are incorrect, it sorta makes you wonder.

yes i noticed that too!!! it was annoying!

not for me…so mad…link does not work… still…no …feedback answer sheet dying…

If you’re having an issue with this, send an email to If he doesn’t reply, I have his phone number.

I can’t find answers to the mock exams. Just isn’t working for me. If anybody has these, could you please email me at Thanks a ton…

Get your score… Go under ‘Feedback’ It is written click here to receive a printable summary of the reading references and study sessionsfor each question on the same exam you just completed.

Has anyone taken the Boston CFA exam ? if so how do you find it as far as difficulty ?

All, Quick question I may be being stupid here, but now that I have taken the CFAI mock exam, I can’t find seem to access the original questions anymore: the feedback sheet gives the answers without restating the question which makes them less helpful than you might otherwise hope. Am I missing something obvious (like a way to review the questions?) and is this just the way the mock exam works? Many thanks! B.