CFA mock test reused?

Does the CFA use new questions for the mock test that they release or do they just recycle the past questions from past mock exams?

Shouldn’t matter unless you are taking the test a second time. Maybe someone who is retaking the test would know

I actually think they do reuse questions or put in some very similar questions to those they have included in the past. Bhabib, can you help us out here?

I have question regarding CFA Mock, I have been doing well in Qbank tests and Kaplan volume 1. However, I tried mock exam but found challenging (especially the afternoon session). I felt ethics was kind of different and even FRA. This males me wonder if should spend more time reviewing mock exam questions. At the end of each answer they also address where that question came from and what they expect from us. Would it be good idea allocate my time on those specific issues ? Basically is it good idea to redo Mock until you feel really comfortable with it.

IMO it is best to use mock as a diagnostic, find out where you went wrong on the mock, and hit those areas hard. the same questions won’t repeat but the areas will

The mock for this year and the one from last year are fairly different. I just compared the two.

the level 2 PM mock has a heading of L2 2010 but one line below they say 2009… not sure if typo though…