CFA mock vs. real exam


how do mock exam relate to the real test? Same level of difficulty, or are mock exam easier? Just to give me a feeling what to expect…


Anyway, good luck to everyone taking this weekend’s L1 exam - keep in mind that CFA Institute does not want you to fail, they just might have high expectations for passing…

I heard actual exams were generally more difficult than the CFAI Mocks that they provide us. Though, I could be wrong - anybody who has experience writing the L1 can give us some insight?

I suppose it might be against standard VIIa, may be a bit gray area huh ? I think only way to know is to do the exam and then keep it to youself. I understand this as a way to keep all candidates equal so we just do not talk about the exam beyond CFAI disclosures.

Do not worry, in the PM session of the mock exam question 3 they state:

_ Discussing the level of difficulty of the essay portion of the examination did not violate Standard VII(A): Conduct as Members and Candidates in the CFA Program. Standard VII(A) and the Candidate Pledge were violated by candidates when they revealed broad topic areas and formulas tested or not tested on the exam._

But you are right, on Sunday I know myself…