CFA Mock

I can’t believe recycled Mock and samples that have cost me almost 200 dollars have blatant errors throughout. that is all.

I can’t believe how many hours I’ve spent reading CFA books, and yet can’t answer tonnes of bloody questions on the CFA mock. The final 20 questions or so - it’s stupid. I put in the hours but there are simply too many topics. I’ve read through fixed income a couple of times, done almost every Qbank question there is, yet I can barely recognize a single page on Fixed income when I go back to look at it. Z-spreads? Maybe there was a time about 2 months ago I knew about that, but not now. I’m screwed good. That is all.

Whoa whoa whoa, easy champ, work on the areas you don’t know, if youve studied that much you will make it if you stay confident. If there are any missing zeros on the exam questions I’m lighting my exam on fire.

Now there is a reason to bring wooden pencils into the exam and ear plugs that are attached with string. You can use one pencil as the base one as the upright and another to make a fire bow using the earplug string (you might want to use an eraser to push down on the upright pencil to make things go quicker and to save your hand). Hey presto the exam is on fire. I wonder if they would kick you out for that, you are only using the designated materials on hand. … … … … Or you could try to short the calculator battery using the clip from a mechanical pencil and the screwdriver you are allowed onto some paper covered in ground down graphite powered or some of that medical petrol you have brought in. … … … Then again I should probably be studying more then planning ways that I can ignite the exam using only the allowed utensils.

this is the most hilarious forum ive ever been… keep up the humor…

I wonder if this would be considered misconduct, or just a statement of opinion which they say is fine.

another great thread. I am praying i see something in the exam holding a pencil in their hands and tilting it to either side like a see-saw to understand the relationship between bond price and yield (from schweser videos)…