CFA Mocks

Hi Guys,

I’ve read through everything and done practically every question. Decided to do a mock yesterday for PM session and only got 47%. Is there any hope?

Were you nervous? I know on my first mock test I was literally panicking and guessing questions that I knew the answers to when I reviewed them later that day.

redid it and got 60%. Just some silly mistakes like not properly reading the question. FML

What are your weakest areas? Something like Ethics can easily improve your scores. I find that doing more practice FRA questions help a lot too since it consists a greater portion of the exam.

Yup^, I’ve been doing ethics every day, and focusing on my weak area which was SS9, huge area I’m sure everyone can get a good ROI on their time for.

It was SS8 & SS9 and ethics, I absolutely wipe the floor with Derivatives, Alternative Investments, Equities and Fixed Income since i work in restructuring/structured products able to get around 70% in these areas.

Plan is do a mock PM tonight

Do AM session tomorrow, Do full round of mock as well.

Friday - do full round of mock AM and PM

Any comments on just reviewing the answers for some of the mocks now instead of doing brand new ones? It’ll help reinforce the material and consume less time.


Sure. Just trying to get some feedback. didn’t mean to hijack your post.

Definitely a good idea. I wouldn’t do a brand new mock exam the last day before the exam (Friday). I find writing mocks really tiring and your last day should be about relaxing and doing some light reading.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, mocks are very draining.

if you are only gett 65% in mocks is that okay?

you’re 18 points higher than your original post. Keep doing some practice and review and you should be fine. If you need some help on topics/specific questions, PM, i’ll try me best.

From what I’ve read, the difficulty of mocks is oftentimes harder than the real exam. If you’re getting a 65% on mocks, I think you’ve got a really good shot on test day.