CFA MS Statistics combo

Exploring the idea of a MS in Statistics. Currently have the charter and with all of the data intensive jobs out there, it seems like a good combination. Even if the combo doesn’t matter, it seems like a good degree to get at this time.

  1. What are the best jobs across all industries that would suit this background?

  2. What are the best jobs within the investment industry that would suit this background?

  3. Do any of you have a MS in statistics and a related job? Do you like your job?


Scientists usually need a stat guy for research as well

It’s hard to place people with a broad degree like that in finance. Most jobs nowadays have a pretty standard applicant profile. If you want to be a quant, you should have PhD and maybe MFE. If you want to do investment banking, you need MBA or a name brand undergraduate degree. Other roles, like Sales and Trading, are more flexible in recruitment, but getting your first job in this field is still hard and kind of random. Furthermore, there is an abundance of candidates with experience nowadays, so employers perceive that it is less risky to hire people who have done the work before.

Sure, you can walk into a lot of quanty finance firms, and there might be that one guy with a statistics or math random MS. However, how many people did they reject to find this one guy randomly?

Of course, if you have a math MS, and assuming you got that degree from a sufficiently prestigious university, you don’t have to work in finance. You can work for tech company, biostatistics, or any sort of random job that you happen to get.