Guys, I know this topic might not be directly related to CFA Level 2 exam but I would really appreciate if any of you could add your two cents towards this – I am currently working in IT for an investment bank and would like to make the move to finance (more towards hedge funds). I am still studying for Level 2 exam for this june but was planning on either doing the CQF from June to Dec OR enrolling in a part time Master in Financial Engg/Computational Finance course at NYU or CMU. Has anyone here heard about or taken the CQF? Also, which one do you think would be a better decision and any advantages or disadvantages that you guys see with either approach (i.e. CQF vs MSFE/MSCF). Your opinion would be much appreciated. Thanks.

not experience but better to focus on level 2 and get some direct experience in finance rather than just having qualifications?

adb, I am also thinking off Part time NYU Financial Mathematics

CQF is a 6 months course. Looks interesting but I’d rather buy Wilmotts two-volume book on Quantitative Finance.

I attended the CQF open evening yesterday and it seems to be quite a practical course but coming from an IT background, I fear that its pedigree won’t be enough to help me get a foot in the door when I’m competing with other candidates who would have a MBA or a MSFE degree from a reputed school.

I like their program, too. But I see most of CQF students are sponsored by their employer and they are already in the finance industry. It is unclear how much it will help to get a Quant position. The more I study level 2, the more I know I like Quant stuff much better. I would rather study stochastic calculus than pension plan.

Were are talking about the Corporate Finance Qualification? I am in London, and have got the study material, I think its a bit week…hence had to combine it with a CFA. Its not a good stand alone qualification, needs to be beefed up.

CQF - certificate in quantitative finance by Wilmott

I took the Derivatives class at Courant. Be prepared for lots of math.

Please ignore my previous post :slight_smile:

maratikus, whats your background? your quant is very impressive.

thanks, bmwhype. I have masters in financial math from Moscow State University. Working as a quant helps too.