CFA new pattern

Hii, please someone can advise me.
From 2021 Feb new exam pattern will start for level 1. So is there any change in the preparation style or the curriculum which we use for Dec 2020 can also used for 2021.

So can we use the scheweser material for 2020 Dec also for 2021??
As the no. Of ques. Will also be 180 … will there any change in question pattern or type of quesns in 2021 exam

These are my concerns too, but what replies i have received on other forums sums it up below:

  • 2020 Curriculum stays the same for 2021
  • Preparation remains competitive, instead of 240 questions, we will get 180 questions from 2021 CFA level 1, with time period reduced to 2 hrs 15 mins for each exam session (so this still keeps 1.5mins of time for each question)
  • For change in type of question pattern, no one has any idea because its still under final testing phase, so we can expect anything in terms of question type, level, etc.

Are you planning for February 2021?

Yes .
,Feb 2021

Why not December 2020?

I should give dec.
But I m ful time working that’s the issue.
And now I will start my preparation…