CFA newbie, level 1 in december, final year of uni!:(

Yeah so im heading into my final year at university, economics and politics, which starts in the first week of october. I recently received my CFA books for level one and have clocked in about 30 hours. Obviousy as a full time student i have a time constraint, but i also have a financial constraint, so i need to know whether buying some condensed form of the books, i.e. stalla, is really worth it? Also i have begun on derivatives and the first two readings took me the best part of 15 hours and i still need to redo alot of it. Which topics/books were the most time consuming for you? And finally i still have some electives to choose for my course, these are optional so can be from any subject. are there any subjects i could chose that really overlap with the course? i.e statistics. If not i’ll choose easy electives that free up more time for me to study. thanks alot guys

Stats will help for sure. If anything, the CFA material will help you pass your stats class, not the other way around. Other than that, it’s mostly senior level finance/accounting classes that you would have to take.

I would recommend taking an introductory accounting class. Other than that, having an intro stats course and intro finance course will help. If you are struggling with derivatives i highly recommend you check out the derivatives lecture and reading on . You will then be able to figure out on your own whether you want to go with a prep provider. They offer a 40% discount for students too.