CFA Nightmare

I had this nightmare last night that the test was tomorrow. I show up to the exam with a PEN instead of a pencil. After completing the morning session I get a pencil and start refilling in ovals over the pen hoping it would work. Then a proctor looks my way and starts writing on a notebook with a twisted grin. Anyone else having similiar episodes? I just hope I’m not throwing up blood in my sleep over this exam in the coming months.

Yes, well, this is a very standard sexual inadequacy dream. Pens/pencils are routine phallic symbols. You look in your hand and discover to your horror that you are holding the wrong instrument. No doubt this was very distressing. Ovals are of course the companion archetype to pens. “Hoping the pen will work as it fills in the ovals” is about as obvious a sexual inadequacy metaphor as I can think of. Now this proctor is interesting - an authority figure who delights in your inadequacy - perhaps a father delighting in your failure as competition in the Oedipal game. Is the CFA studying affecting your relationship with a gf or your mother? I think you need to seek therapy about these sexual issues ASAP.


That’s the best joke in a loooooong time:))))

Take a break KJH. When you start having dreams about the exam 3 months out then you know you’re overdoing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could say I’m joking but that dream played out verbatim. I am taking a break this weekend. I’ve gotten thouhg all the books except most of FSA. That book scares me to say the least. I’m trying to like it, but its not happening. Schweser weekend classes begin March 8th. I’m hoping they can be the FSA miracle worker.

If you are with a non-finance background (like me), FSA is something you will really hate. I have managed most of it except for “financing liabilities” and “capital leases”. These 2 chapters are absolutely brutal. I hope study session 10 is not as bad as these. Can someone advise on how they dealt with financing liabilities and leases chapter. Any alternative good reading, online source ?

I tried to go through SS9 from CFAI text but in the middle realized that I was going tooo slow and not getting anything at the end of the reading. So I ordered Scheweser and read it through Scheweser. Well that again is dense…but atleast better …since reading it twice over the chapter did help in understanding a few concepts. Currently doing SS10 from Schweser and hope Schweser makes work easy for me.

I am on reading 10 too. I gave up on CFAi after few initial readings, and am doing schweser. I think I m going to skip capital leasing.

Better not skip anything for exam…but you can do it later if you plan too. I have heard from few guys that…even if you skip a reading it can cost u a lot.

Amit - Did you have any supplementary reading on leasings ? or just schweser

Good one Joey!

I just read Schweser for now. Might come back to CFAI book later after completing all readings once. And planning to practise questions from QBank during April-May.

Hey Joey, Your hypothesis is based on your assumption that KJH is male. Wouldn’t work so well if he/she wasn’t. Lets see you work around that.

No it would just mean that KJH is having extreme sexual identity issues. But the dream says that KJH is very likely to be male.