CFA Notes Vs Schweser

Okay, I know this topic is really old but I sincerely need advice cause moi is scared s#@%tless. Just received my CFA notes and they look so nice and well packaged. I have been using Schweser for study sessions 4 to 16 and perusing the Internet when I dont understand certain concepts… But now I have gotten the beautiful CFA notes.Do reread everything I have read so far using the CFA curriculum bearing in mind that I am on study session 17 thanks to Schweser. Or do I continue with my veritable pace placing my fate in Schweser’s seemingly capable hands. To what extent can I trust Schweser?

Like u say its an old topic. And from past posts it seems Schweser is the most popular. No harm in reading your CFA notes as well though if you have the time. I’m still awaiting my CFA Notes and I’m using Schweser in the mean time. I’d say go thru both but if you have no time use Schweser and CFA as reference. Good luck