cfa on resume

I would like to update my resume and list skills that I gained through the progam.

Any thoughts where I can find a list is appreciated

Superior investment management skills.


Lol …and #ethics

I put it under my undergrad degree: 2016 CFA Level III Candidate.

I’m not sure what I’d put in terms of skills I gained… maybe strenghtned shor-term memory? idk

no skills just answered some questions correctly…

can read and understand summarized books(15 so far )

have huge expectations that 3 letters will provide

i can build superior portfolios/benchmarks suiting the client needs just by applying the cfa material

noticed that schweiser instructors were cfa’s but this didn’t have me question the value of the 3 letters

I was thinking their was a list of testing topics some where that I could list as knowledge such as a risk management, modeling, etc

If you identify “modeling” as a skill learned through the CFA program and the resume crosses the desk of someone familiar with the program, they’ll call bullshit and move on to the next one.

You learn modeling in a college course, BIWS, TTS, or on the job. The CFA curriculum doesn’t teach it to you.

If you’re pursuing the charter, presumably you’re pursuing positions that appreciate or, at least, know about the CFA program. In that case, anyone reviewing your resume will be able to infer a base level of knowledge in certain areas.

Real estate on a resume is a valuable resource - don’t waste it on listing your skills learned through the CFA program.

When you earn the charter, just append the letters to your name. Until then, add your current candidacy status in education and leave it at that.

8190 Just spent a significant amount of time writing a great answer. Follow his/her advice.