CFA on resume

Two questions:

  1. If your name is at the top of your resume, did you choose to put CFA after your name? I want the employer to notice, but I also don’t want to appear arrogant.

  2. Did you choose to list the CFA under education or certifications?

I would yes to both, and it would not be arrogant at all It would actually weird me out to see a charterholder not put CFA after the name

Yep, CFA after your name is both appropriate and a big part of what the effort’s all about.

I put “, CFA” after my name at the top of my resume, but “CFA” is in a font size a few points smaller.

Seems somehow more dignified this way.

If CFA is after your name, I think it’s redundant to also list CFA under education etc.

If you’re applying for jobs where the CFA is relevent then putting the CFA after your name on your resume seems appropriate and very common.

I have CFA after my name and list membership in CFA Institute and NYSSA in my “Memberships” section.

I’d put CFA in both places. Make sure the 'bots scanning applications pick up on it.

Isn’t that a violation to have CFA font smaller than your name?

I think smaller and equal is ok, larger is not ok

thanks for clarification. Now I vaguely remember …smaller being okay.

Ahh…first world problems. Maybe when I pass L3 I’ll start threads like this.

Do you show it in the Education portion of the Resume? Eg.)

CFA Institute, Charlottesville, NC

Chartered Financial Analyst Designation

Or do you just show it in your professional credentials catetgory?

I include CFA Institute in the “Memberships” section of my resume. I know there are plenty of folks who include it in the Education portion though.

charlottesville is VA

That’s right. I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I wrote that and was thinking of Charlotte, NC.