CFA Online Ethics Exam

I remember last year, for Level 1, a few days before the exam some online ethics exam popped up (about 40ish questions if I recall). I found this REALLY helpful. Does anyone remember what Im talking about / have a link? Direct to login:

is this timed? can you print it? i registered but am reluctant to press “start self-test” becauase i dont want to take it now

I found out that you cannot apply for membership before you give this exam. I am gonna attempt it when I’ll apply for membership. Who is going to take the risk of attempting an official ethics exam right before the official CFA level 2 exam ! Its like killing yourself twice.

lol the exam is easy, promise. I took the ethics exam the night before L1 exam. It’s almost exactly the same as the EOC questions in the L1 CFAI book. I got a perfect score or 1 mistake only i think. It’s good practice before the L2 exam but only based on SOPH. The extra readings are not included.

Last year there was alot of stuff on Level 1 that was very similar to this exam.

so are ppl taking this?

If these people would not have asked for my membership number, I would have. But since this is not the case and taking it before L2, whoa! I am gonna take it slow bro.

I burned through it FAST and got 2 wrong of the 49 ?'s. Same ethics test I did for L1… Stupid question regarding the “Former CFO’s prediction of a downward stock movement” got me again…still don;t know what is correct there. It’s a joke but a good refresher.

i called cfa institute (didnt give them name or candidate # of course) and asked about this, they said its just a practice ethics exam that some companies require employees to take… she said once you take it and log out you can take it out. said it doesnt really mean anything as far as CFA and exams go